Lubes & Lotions
  • Most commonly used and manufactured
  • Compatible with ALL toy material types
  • Can be reactivated by adding water
  • Offers the most variety including flavors, stimulating, natural, etc.
  • Washes away from the body quickly
  • Never feels sticky
  • Creates the longest lasting glide
  • Can also be used for all over body massage
  • Great to use in water (tub, shower, pool)
  • Compatible with latex, rubber, glass, metal and plastic materials
  • Feels like an "oil" but safer to use inside the body
  • Designed to enhance oral lovemaking
  • Great to use with flavored condoms
  • Can be used for oral play or penetration
  • Designed to increase sensation for both partners
  • Often include active ingredients like menthol that increase blood flow and awaken the nerve endings
  • Glycerin, which is a common ingredient in most water-based lubes, reacts in the body like a sugar. A growing number of women have noticed that glycerin-based products trigger yeast infections or vaginal irritation.
  • Parabens area a common preservative found in most beauty products, but some women develop a sensitivity toward petrochemicals in the form of skin irritations. Most products with parabens are banned in Europe.
Fertility Friendly:
  • Standard lubricants have the potential of blocking sperm as they travel toward the cervix, or change the ph balance environment inside the vagina.
Organic Lubricants:
  • These lubricants are all natural glycerin and paraben-free with a hand selected blend of organic ingredients. Aloe Vera heals and moisturizes, while vitamin E and flax restore your skin's elasticity. Green tea extract acts as an anti-inflammatory, and the natural powers of hibiscus soothe and relax the skin of your most intimate areas. They are typically packaged in an earth-friendly 100% recyclable bottle, and the labels are printed on recycled paper.